WE are audacia

Born from a desire to bring the best of inhouse recruitment to businesses who might not be able to justify the headcount. We’ll bring the recruitment, you keep absolutely everything, data, processes and information. You’ll also get transparency, you’ll know exactly where your investment is going and what the outputs are.


Liam is an experienced recruiter having spent his career working in traditional agency, market mapping/research and in-house. He’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including PepsiCo and recently in-house as recruitment manager at Weetabix.


Gabby has a wealth of experience in marketing and brings both creative, technical and leadership capabilities. She’s led digital marketing within SME recruitment and FTSE 100 businesses. Most recently she was at Travis Perkins.


Mikey’s more than the office dog, he’s got an incredible amount of experience in barking (let’s call it encouraging performance) and cuddling (reward). He’s been with audacia since the beginning.