what can we do for you?

 CV searching
 CV sifting

 Name generation
 Reach out
 Initial screening
 Intro to you

 Interview support
✓ Offers
✓ Market mapping
✓ Headhunting

How do we work?

YOU: Get in touch to tell us what you need. Don’t worry if you are not entirely sure, we’ll help you to scope everything out and cost it.

Here’s an example of a project we’ve completed in the past

WE: Develop a strategy including key deliverables that will form the basis of our working relationship. 

YOU: Get your recruitment strategy in the form of written documents & a simple presentation

WE: Deliver the strategy as agreed, reviewing on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the results you want. If things need a tweak then we’ll amend and work together with you to make sure we’re delivering. Simply put, to us, failure to deliver is not an option.

YOU: Have complete piece of mind.

WE: Provide comprehensive reporting detailing all the actions completed, the time work has taken and more, this is our transparency promise to you

YOU: Know what you’re paying for – nothing is hidden.

WE: If we can see things that may improve your recruitment moving forward, we’ll make sure we put that to you. If we see differences in salary expectations we’ll make sure you know about it. If there are other companies out there doing things differently, you’ll know about it. If we think there’s a case to be put forward for a full-time resource, we’ll help you to recommend it.

YOU: Are in the centre of everything that we do!